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All trips can be joined either from Nepal or from Chengdu, China! Every 1-2 weeks departures, either budget or Special tour. The year is not yet fully described and still under construction, please ask by e-mail for further information. Your trip / departure can be added to the list here let us know !

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Nepal Trek!

April 22.-07 May; 2019 / Price €540 + $130 (Permit)  Bookings are closed

Guru Rinpoche “Beyul” Tsum Valley trek in Nepal with Indra.

Tsum is one of the eight hidden paradise valleys (called Beyuls) in the inner Himalayas and owes its genesis to the 8th century Buddhist saint Padmasambhava/Guru Rinpoche. The Legend says that Padmasambhava created beyuls as a refuge for people fleeing from the adverse effects of war, famine or religious persecution. The most famous yogi Milarepa is believed to meditat in the caves of these mountains. Saturated with Buddhist culture, these valleys uphold religious values and help preserve a lost way of life. Tsum Valley was a restricted area until it was opened for trekking in 2008. Due to its remoteness and inaccessibility, this sacred valley and its people have been bypassed by mainstream development for centuries.
Details here



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New for 2020! Special Trip,

Mt. Kailash, Tibet

May 10-26, 2020; Price: Euro 2640/2950$ / Plus flight CTU- LXA Euro 360/405$


Early summer Tour, Mt. Kailash & Samye with Roger & special guest Tom Riddle via Lhasa, Samye, Mt. Kailash & Manasarovar lake; Bookings are open

For this trip, we will be joined by an old friend, whom I met at a Buddhist meditation retreat in India more than 15 years ago, Tom Riddle. This will be Tom’s fourth trip with me to the sacred mountain. After his third trip, he made a Youtube movie, Mt Kailash and the Walk around the Sacred Mountain that has become quite popular. This is my favorite time of the year to visit the sacred mountain... after Lhasa and Samye the first monastery of Tibet - we have an unhurried four-day circuit trek (kora) among Tibetan pilgrims around holy Mt. Kailash followed by a visit of beautiful Lake Manasarovar. We enjoy silence and nature, spectacular panoramic views, as well as interaction within the group. Tour Description

Mt. Kailash, Tibet & Limi valley Nepal

May 16 - June 07; 2019 /CNY 17500 -2350 Euro plus fligths/Permit Limi Valley 320$ bookings are closed

Rare & Unique for trekkers 23 days! Mt. Kailash & Limi valley with Pempa Sherpa, camping ligth; Budget trip Mt. Kailash & Lake Manasarovar out via Limi valley.

This jeourney is targetting walker and outdoor poeple that love to walk and be self suficlient! You will circumambulate Mt. Kailash and visit Thirtahpary and sacred Lake Manasarovar. Limi Valley: Is considered the most beautiful way to leave from the sacred mountain! Limi Is a remote Trans-Himalayan Valley in north-west Nepal bordering Tibet. It consists of three villages: Til (4100 m ) in the west; Jhang (3930 m) in the east; and village, Halji (3700 m), in the middle. These three villages are situated on the banks of the Karnali River. Due to the isolated location, the villages are very untouched by modern life. Century old Buddhist traditions interwoven with shamanistic influences are still a life.

Guide: Pempa Dorjee Sherpa,
Born 1984 in Helambu / Nepal – he is working in treks and as guide since 2005 and since 2010 he is the Sherpa manager of Snowjewel Nepal and has travelled and guided widely throughout Nepal. A father of 2 lovely girls and has done many trips to Tibet with over 30 koras of Mt. Kailash, and several Manasarovar koras. Since he is from Helambu he speaks fluently Tibetan language and is following Tibetan Buddhism since birth. I will be glad to accompany you on this great journey! Details here

Mt. Kailash, Tibet & Everest Base Camp with Beat " Peregrinaje por el Tíbet con Circunvalación del Sagrado Monte Kailash

May 26 - June 17; 2019 /3500 USD plus fligths aporximately 3-400$ bookings are open

All accross Tibet, Everest & Sacred Kailash Kora wit Beat in Spanish / English & German new!

Guided by Sukamrita Beat Wettstein, Translated in Spanish, English and German. Focus during this Pilgrimage is meditation, philosophy, and inner awakening.
Sukamrita Beat Wettstein has been leading tours to mystic India since 2004.He is a Naturopathic Doctor and Spiritual Guide originally from Switzerland and living in Ecuador. Tour Description in Spanish


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Mt. Kailash, Tibet

04- 24 June 2019; Price: Euro 3350 / Plus fligth CTU- LXA Euro 350

New only one time! Special Tour,

The Crown, Mt. Kailash & Sacred places Journey with Roger Extensive- Lhasa, Samye, Mt. Kailash & Manasarovar lake, Khyung Lung Kingdom; Bookings are open

The emphasis on this being The Crown tour is in part because Mount Kailash is considered the crown chakra of the planet – but also because in addition to the highlight of our tour, which is the kora (circumnavigation) of this auspicious mountain, we will be visiting two other of the holiest sites in Tibetan Buddhism – Lake Manasarovar, Thirthapury & Kyung Lung the cradle of Tibetan civilization - Due to Saga Dawa time the most sacred month in the Tibetan calendar, we will witness many festival activities ! After that, the core of this journey follows: an unhurried four-day circuit trek (kora) among Tibetan pilgrims around holy Mt. Kailash followed by a visit of beautiful Lake Manasarovar. We enjoy silence and nature, spectacular panoramic views, as well as interaction within the group. Tour Description

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Mt. Kailash, Tibet

June 05-20; 2019 / Price CNY 14500 €uro 1930 Bookings are open

Saga Dawa Festival Standard Tour / Mt. Kailash via Kyirong                    

2019 is a special year in Tibetan Buddhism, when pilgrimage is particularly meritorious. During the period of the Saga Dawa month, one circumambulation of the mountain is popularly considered to have the merit of a 100 thousand times on top of that to be purifying one life time. At time for the full moon of Saga Dawa ( Buddha's day of enlightenment and paranirvana ) more pilgrims than usual visit Kailash.  In Tarpochen, at the foot of the holy mountain, there will be a big Buddhist festival. Tarpochen represents the navel of the world and every year Tibetans erect here a giant pole while many other ceremonies and rituals are carried out.  This is certainly the most important day for Tibetan pilgrims at Mt. Kailash. You will have more time than usual at festival! Details here

Central Tibet with Spanish tour leader Yolanda

Viaje al Tibet Central,

Del 9 de Junio al 23 de Junio de 2019. Precio 1750 euros más vuelos a parte.

Viaje al Techo y el Corazón del Mundo. Este es un viaje especial a uno de los lugares más mísiticos y espirituales del planeta. Durante nuestros días en Lhasa estaremos inmersos en la cultura tibetana, visitando sus lugares sagrados más destacados, Potala, Jokhang, Norbulinga así como el Monasterio de Sera, familiarizandonos con un entorno nuevo para muchos de vosotros. Visitaremos el monasterio de Karmapa en Tsurphu, y llegaremos hasta Samye, donde se encuentra el primer monasterio construido en Tibet. Otros lugares como Sakya y otros puntos interesantes en el camino serán recorrido para tener una aproximación a este país único.
Viaje al Tibet Central con Yolanda, de origen español, traductora de inglés y tibetano a español, con experiencia en la organización de grupos por Nepal, os acompañará en este viaje interior y exterior al techo del Mundo.


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July 14. - August 01. ; 2019 / Price CNY 15700 €uro 2090 plus fligth Bookings are open

Samye Festival Tour with Natalia Standard Tour, Visit Samye, Mt. Kailash & Lake Manasarovar

Samye is the first monastery in Tibet build around 750 and that is where Guru Rinpoche / Padmasambava gave the first teachings and established the Buddhist belief system….

This summer 2017 when we visited Samye monastery our Tibetan guide told us about the special annual Festival in Samye with Lama Dances. During the Festival days Tibetans spend the nights at Samye and watch religious dances. Many of the pilgrims do also circumambulate sacred mountains nearby by carrying Holy Scriptures on their shoulder all the way in order to wash away sins and earn merits for their present and future life. I immediately made the aspiration to visit Samye monastery during such a special period and now we made this new program for you. After the festival we will circumambulate Mt. Kailash as well as sacred Lake Manasarovar and travel out to Nepal via Kyirong new border crossing.

Natalia Sander, born 1974 in Russia, Translator & Tour guide, Journalist. Since 2006 she is living in Asia and travels to Mt. Kailash since 2009 this will be her 10th year of traveling to the sacred mountain!. I will be glad to accompany you on this great journey! Details here

July 18. - August 02.; 2019 / Price Euro 1650 plus fligth 240-350 euro 1-2 more PAX needed to confirm the trip!

Budget via Lhasa, Mt. Kailash, Lake Manasarovar & Guge Kingdom visit.



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Mt. Kailash, Tibet

05. - 23. September, 2019; Price: 3450 US$ / Euro 3080 Euro/ Plus fligth KTM- LXA around Euro 200-290

Special Tour via Lhasa, Mt. Kailash, Mt. Everest & The ancient Guge Kingdom with Roger Extensive - Guge, Mt. Kailash & Manasarovar lake; Bookings are open

This is the only Special Tour that includes the Ancient kingdom of Guge in this year! We drive from Lhasa through central Tibet vist Everst Base Camp and move on to Mount Kailash and we will be visiting two other of the holiest sites in Tibetan Buddhism – Lake Manasarovar, Thirthapury. After that, the core of this journey follows: an unhurried four-day circuit trek (kora) among Tibetan pilgrims around holy Mt. Kailash followed by a visit of beautiful Lake Manasarovar. We enjoy silence and nature, spectacular panoramic views, as well as interaction within the group. Tour Description

Mt. Kailash, Tibet

September 05. - 21.; 2019 / Price: CNY 14'900 / approx. Euro 1910  bookings are open

Standart Tour via Lhasa, Mt. Kailash kora & Lake Manasarovar visit Details here

Nepal Trek

September 17.- 02. October; 2018/Price 1380 Euro small group 2 to max 4 PAX Bookings are open

Upper Mustang Kingdom Tour in Nepal English speaking Nepalese Guide:This is, arguably, the most popular and fascinating trekking in Nepal . Mustang opened to trekkers only in 1992. The ancient kingdom is located in the very north of Nepal , close to the Tibetan border, amidst Himalayan snow peaks. A vast expanse of rock, wilderness of huge proportions, the region formerly belonged to Tibet and the area remains are strongly influenced by Tibetan culture. Mustang offers a truly exceptional opportunity to explore an area rich in ancient tradition and mythology. Mustang is one of the oldest kingdoms in the Himalayas and its capital, Lo Manthang, has been a major trading site for many centuries. Experience one of the last ancient places of Tibetan Buddhist culture – the culture of the Lopas, who still practice ancient daemon rituals. pictures & more  

Mt. Kailash, Tibet

September 27. - OCtober 12., 2019; Price: Euro 2890 Euro

Special Tour via Kodari, "OM - Only Mountains" Photo Gallery

Mt. Kailash -Gurla Mandata - Everest Base Camp & Lake Manasarovar with Roger; Bookings are cosed!

We will circumbulate the most important mountain (Kailash: 6714m ) and visit the highest (Everest 8850m) and in between we will rest at the foot of the Power mountain (Gurla Mandata 7728m). At the center of this journey are the mountains and nature, so while walking and just being we can feel the strength of the Himalaya in silence.  With this in mind, within the group companionship and friendliness are of great importance. September is the best time, when we can expect cloudless blue skies.  We plan to see the mountains from the best side in very clear light.  After a slow Kailash kora/trekking (four days) we will have a rest day beside Lake Manasarovar at the foot of  Gurla Mandata. On our way back we will travel to Rombuk and from there to EBC (Everest Base Camp).. Tour Description



Nepal Trek; Manaslu

October 10.- 25.; 2019/Price 540 Euro + 190$ permits small group 2 to max 4 PAX Booking are open

Mansaslu Tea house trekking in Nepal English speaking Nepalese Guide: pictures & more  

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