Budget Trip via Kyirong

Price 11'600 CNY/ca. 1810$ currency converter Departure dates *Click here

This budget trip is designed for people who want to experience Mount Kailash on their own. The Chinese Government does not allow individual travel in Tibet. But we provide the nearest you can possibly get to individual travel, enabling you to reach Kailash in your own way and at your own pace. From us you get not only the basic travel arrangements, including land transportation, but also vital updated information and an equipment list.

Included: drive to Mt. Kailash; drive to the Nepalese border by private transport (see itinerary); all permits and road tolls in Tibet. Local guide and drivers

Excluded: Anything else! Drive onwards to LXA; food; accommodation; visa for Tibet; re-entry visa for Nepal; the Kailash circuit/ and grasslands; porters and yaks, cost of emergency. Transport from the Nepalese border to Kathmandu.

Day 1. Drive to Kyirong
       2.  Kyirong / acclimatization day
       3. Kyirong / acclimatization or trekking
       4. Kyirong / acclimatization or trekking
       5. Kyirong   Saga
       6. Saga to Manasarovar
       7. Manasarovar to Mt. Kailash
       8,9,10,11. Kailash kora / trekking
      12. Rest day at Lake Manasarovar
      13. Back to Saga
      14. Saga Kyirong- Resuwar (Nepal)
      15. Resuwar - KTM    *Sightseeing opportunity.

Please note:  We operate with small groups of 4 - 16 people only and provide vital updated information and an equipment list. We will not be responsible for extra costs incurred due to landslides, road blockages and other such weather-related problems. You are also responsible for your own health. Our arrangements, however, are designed to allow sufficient time for acclimatization in Nyalam. 

May all beings be happy ! 

Taylor made itinerary on request